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Colonia Sant Jordi

The BEST Centre is located in one of the islands most beautiful towns, Colònia Sant Jordi. The small town, nestling in the south east corner of the island in the municipality of Ses Salinas, is renowned for its golden sand, crystal water and peaceful setting. Colonia Sant Jordi is has everything you need to make your camp a success: the town is neither too large nor too small; a short walk from the training centre you will find plenty of cafes, bars and restaurants, among them, according to the national press, the best Paella not just on the island, but in all of Spain!

The port is the main hub of the town, and is only a five minute walk from the BEST Centre. Here you can relax in a cafe and gaze out across the boats and beaches of Es Dolc and Es Carbo. There are restaurants, gift shops, banks, tourist information and your departure point for trips to the island of Cabrera. A little tourist train runs around the town and surrounding area if you are keen to explore the small town during your visit!

Opposite the pool, you will find a small clinic for minor injuries and illnesses. For larger emergencies, the nearest hospitals are in Campos, 10 minutes away, Manacor, 20 minutes away, or Palma, 30 minutes away.

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The Beaches

Surrounded entirely by national park, the town opens out onto some of the best beaches in the mediterranean, so when we heard of some land that might be available in Colonia, we were on the phone immediately – this is an amazing location to be!

The many beaches of Colonia Sant Jordi are truly idyllic: Ets Estanys, and Es Trenc to the west, and Es Dolç and Es Carbó to the east. The area is one of the most famous and exclusive tourist areas in the Balearic Islands.

Es Trenc, which stretches for 3000m of natural beauty was declared as a “Special Area of Natural Interest” in 1984. Due to its miles of golden sand, crystal clear water and national parkland behind, it is the most well-known beach in Mallorca. This beach, the coastal area around Colònia and the island of Cabrera, renowned for its marine tourism, form what has been called the ‘magical triangle’ of the Balearics, because of its beauty and tranquility.

While Es Trenc is the most famous of the island’s beaches, Es Carbó is preferred by those in the know. Walk 20 minutes from Es Dolç, the beach beside the port, and you will arrive at 1300m of virgin, ‘S’ shaped beach. If you don’t fancy the walk, there are boats to hire to take you to the beaches – there are no beach cafes here, just sand and solitude, perfect for those looking to escape…

The Area

Surrounding Area

The beauty of Colonia Sant Jordi is that the surrounding area is all protected woodland. This means there will be no high-rise hotels, traffic and crowds, just peace and tranquility.

For most people on a swim training camp, a walk in the woods is not their idea of relaxing between sessions, but for other family members, chaperones and team staff, there is plenty to do outside the regular activities and excursions. We can supply you with walking, hiking and biking trails that take you through the hinterland and coastline of Ses Salinas. There is also sailing, fishing, kayaking, kite surfing, windsurfing, snorkelling, golf, tennis, horse riding, water aerobics, yoga, pilates, massage, spa treatments… you get the idea!

Island of Cabrera

The aforementioned ‘magical triangle’ takes you from the beaches of Colonia Sant Jordi to the island and national park of Cabrera. The 6km long and 5km wide island is rich in wildlife and plants, protected species of birds and reptiles, and fascinating underwater scenery.

Between March and October you can book a boat trip to visit the island where you can explore the quay area, beaches, the castle, museum and the monument to the French prisoners, amongst other places of interest. You also can visit the 14th century Kosaren fortress, take a picnic and swim in the blue grotto – a magnificent cave where the outside light is filtered up through the aquamarine waters, creating a wonderful gem-like quality.

Getting Here

Getting here is simple. Whether you take a taxi at the airport, rent a car or use our transfer service, travel time from Palma to the BEST Centre is around 30 minutes.

BEST Centre transfers

When you arrive at Palma airport, as you exit baggage collection, look for a driver holding a sign with your name or club name on it. If your driver is not at the gate, go to the meeting point (Punto de Encuentro), by Puerta 4. We will provide you with all the contact details you need, so if it appears as though no one is there to meet you, please call.


When you land at Palma airport, there are always plenty of taxis available and all will know your hotel in Colonia Sant Jordi. A single journey in a taxi will cost around 55 euros during the day, and a little more very late in the evening or during the night.

Car Hire

If you hire a car, driving directions to the pool are as follows:

From Palma airport to the BEST Centre

  • Exit the airport following signs to Playa de Palma. This will take you over the motorway and loop you round so you are heading east on the Ma-19 towards Llucmajor.
  • As you approach Llucmajor, stay on the Ma-19 and follow the signs to Campos.
  • As you enter Campos you will pick up signs to Colonia Sant Jordi and you will veer towards the right, past an Eroski supermarket (which is on your left) and around the south side of Campos, following signs to Colonia Sant Jordi.
  • The signs will take you to a petrol station as you enter Colonia Sant Jordi. Keep going straight on, passing the petrol station on your left, until you reach the hotel Isla Cabrera after 100m or so. Take the right hand turn after the hotel, Calle de Roada and this will take you to the BEST Centre.

From Palma town centre to the BEST Centre
From Palma town centre, head east out of the city centre, i.e. with the sea on your right and the Cathedral on your left. Following signs to the airport will take you out of the city on the Ma-19. Stay on this motorway towards Llucmajor, then follow the directions as above.

From the BEST Centre to the airport and Palma town centre
Every road will take you out of Colonia Sant Jord and you will pick up the signs to Palma as soon as you exit the town.
You will pick up the yellow airport signs as soon as you pass Llucmajor on the Ma-19.

Have a Question?

If you have any questions about the BEST Centre or any of our programs, camps or events, please do not hesitate to contact us – we will be very happy to help!