BEST Centre listed in Top 6 Training Sites in the World

The world’s top swimming magazine, Swimming World, has voted the BEST Centre, Colonia Sant Jordi, as one of its top 6 training sites worldwide.

The American magazine is the most respected voice of swimming and included the elite swim centre in Mallorca in its June 2011 issue as part of a feature on the best places to go for team training camps.

The article says that coaches consider several criteria when determining where to train on a camp including, “..lane space, weight training facilities and cost of room and board. One of the main factors is an affordable location with warm sunny weather.”

The list of its top training sites worldwide are:

• Flagstaff, Phoenix and Tucson in Arizona
• Air Force training centre and US Olympic Training Centre in Colorado
• BEST Centre in Colonia Sant Jordi, Spain
• International Swimming Hall of Fame in South Florida
• Hawaii
• San Luis Potosi in Mexico

Jimmy Thierney, the head women’s coach at the prestigious North Western University in Chicago says, “It is a reward if we choose exotic locations. The sun can do wonders for athletes from the mid-west.”

Matthew O’Connor, co-founder of the BEST Centre said, “It is an honour to be included in Swimming World’s list of the best training sites in the world. We built the training centre in Colonia Sant Jordi specifically to benefit swimmers and coaches and to take advantage of the perfect beach-side location. We are pleased that the Centre is recognised as doing exactly that.”

The article follows Triathlon Plus magazine’s feature on the top ten triathlon training sites, which includes the BEST Centre in it’s top ten.

Swimming World magazine has been the number 1 swimming magazine since 1960 and has a readership of over 200,000 people, including the most influential coaches and decision makers in world swimming.