With the holidays upon us the teams are arriving thick and fast at the BEST Centre, enjoying some beautiful warm sunny days, with spectacular sunrises and sunsets as the light and the colours blaze away, throwing the most amazing pinks, yellows, blues, reds, oranges and purples across the sky.

Former GB international and Olympian Mark Spackman has arrived with his Harrow swim team. His former swimmer from his days in Lincoln, Lizzie Simmonds is also here for a week with Loughborough ITC.

City of Leeds are here, former home of James Parrack and Matthew O’Connor, and Cheltenham arrive tonight, James’s hometown club where he grew up!

Laurie Dormer also arrives today with his Masters group. One of Matthew’s first camps was in a Butlins (or Pontins), run by Laurie!

All one big happy family here..