Best swimmers from China and Norway train at BEST Centre

With its superb facilities and relaxing environment, the BEST Centre in Mallorca continues to attract the best swimmers from around the world.

David Lyles, a former GB international coach, is now coaching an elite group of Chinese swimmers based in Shanghai. Looking for a European base for a three week camp, Lyles chose the BEST Centre, bringing with him a group that includes Ji Li Ping, the Asian women’s 100m breaststroke record holder, and Dai Jun, a 1500m talent swimming 15:05 at just 18 years of age.

Many clubs from Norway have been enjoying the pool and surroundings in Colonia Sant Jordi and with us this week is Sara Nordenstam, the Olympic bronze medallist from Beijing, 2008, in the 200m breaststroke. Nordenstam is here with her club team Lamberseter, and is spending a lot of time on sculling drills and says it is important to concentrate on the last three strokes of the final 50m of the 200m.