Swiss coach Peter Naegeli, an age group Xterra champion, has gathered a multi-national set of athletes into his stable. Under the ‘’ umbrella, Naegeli guides his athletes through the stages of triathlon preparation, with several entered for 70.3 and Ironman races this year.

The advantages that I can offer are my sporting experience – I’ve won the French Xterra age group championships four times – and my background in teaching and management. I really know how to motivate and guide people – I don’t just write down plans and send them off,’ says the multi-lingual Naegeli, who lives in Neuchatel in Switzerland but has athletes from France, South Africa and elsewhere on his books.

‘I chose the BEST Centre as the location for my first residential camp because it has the best facilities I could find,’ he says as we sit by the pool and seven of his athletes complete punishing drills next to us.

‘Another 200 meters!’ he tells two swimmers, who look like they’re ready for a break (but secretly pleased to be pushed so hard).

At the age of 60, Naegeli is in great physical shape, something he attributes to a consistent programme – ‘I don’t train an awful lot, but I’m very focused and very regular.’ He integrates yoga and pilates into his weekly routine to improve core strength on all disciplines, and is a confirmed vegetarian. ‘I think it helps, not only because you don’t eat meat, but because you’re more conscious of your intake. You do less “sins”.’

Great to meet you Peter and come back to the BEST Centre again soon!